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Blogging is kind of a narcissistic activity isn’t it? It’s more than a little presumptous to think that anyone would be interested in one’s thoughts. Never the less, I’ll put my ramblings here in this small corner of the web. If you take the trouble to read anything here, thanks for your attention, I hope you weren’t too bored/offended/depressed/whatever. If you cared enough to leave a comment, or even to go so far as to discuss anything with me, that would make you a bit special in my book



1. Mun Yee LIM - August 19, 2009

Hello Dr Olarn,

I stumbled into this blog while googling for doctors in Bangkok and much to my delight, discovered that you are Dr Olarn Seriniyom of Samitivej Hospital! I have read through a few postings here and have appreciated your openesses in sharing your thoughts and experiences in the medical field. I suppose it’s not common to find doctors of the same perceptions as yours on this part of the world. I was already very impressed with your principles of never over prescribed to my 2 boys unnecessarily when they are poorly and now, with this blog and your so called ‘rantings and muses’, I am thrilled! Look forward to reading more of your postings here in time to come. And round of applause from my family to your good work in saving the haemoglobin Level 3 baby!

2. Cindy - June 17, 2010

Hi Dr. Olarn,

Greetings from Chalinee and Jessada Paeratakul by way of me (mom). Chalinee is such a smart and grown up young lady now (14 yrs old). She enters high school this fall. Jess will major in cello performance at university this fall.

I will never forget the care you provided for Chalinee in those early months of her life. The fact that she survived and has no lasting problems is a tribute to your excellent clincial skill. Thanks also for your blog. I just sent your circumcision blog to an expectant mother friend.

3. Deb - January 9, 2014

Dr. Olarn, We are so grateful to have found you and really appreciate how thiughtful you are about pediatric medicine. We are only sad that you don’t also see adult patients. Is there any General Practitioner or Internist here in Bangkok who takes an equally thoughtful and measured approach when it comes to prescribing medications (particularly antibiotics) and ordering unnecessary tests and procedures (eg chest x rays, etc.). We would really appreciate your recommendation. Thank you!

4. charlottebolland - August 22, 2015

Hello Dr. Olarn, I am a very happy mother of a little baby girl and patient of yours, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you as her doctor, and equally the very informative and oppinionated blog you have created here. To have a knowledgeable, sensible and sensitive doctor like you to turn to is a blessing anywhere, but especially as an expat in Thailand. Thank you and I will certainly be following your blog and looking forward to new posts. Are you open to topic suggestions at all?

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